Top 5 Most Consumed Animal Eggs

When you think of eggs, you probably think of chicken eggs. Well, it turns out that humans have a taste for more than just chicken eggs and quite a few people enjoy other types of eggs as well. Here are the top five most consumed animal eggs to give you a little culinary inspiration.

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  1. Chicken eggs. By far the most popular type of egg consumed, chicken eggs can be fried, boiled, poached or mixed into a baked good. People usually consume eggs in the morning, though there are all sorts of recipes that make use of the wondrous item. Chicken eggs are available at almost ever grocery store and come in white or brown varieties. Once the egg is used, the shells can be fed to chickens, turned into compost, or used to clean the garbage disposal. Chicken egg shells are high in calcium, while the eggs themselves are high in protein.
  2. Quail eggs

  3. Quail eggs. Coming in second are quail eggs. These little eggs are gaining popularity thanks to celebrity chefs. They are known for packing a lot of flavor in a tiny package and are generally used to top entrees at five star restaurants. The exterior of quail eggs are speckled and range in color from blue to brown to white. Quail eggs are becoming easier to acquire and can be found at most grocery stores. They tend to be more expensive than chicken eggs, but play an important role in today’s modern cuisine.
  4. Duck eggs. Duck eggs are something usually reserved for country estates. Duck owners are the most common consumers of duck eggs and their low availability tends to drive up the price. Like duck, duck eggs are higher in fat than chicken and have a much richer flavor. Duck eggs are slightly larger than chicken eggs in size and tend to be brown. The whites of the eggs have a higher level of albumin, making them seem thicker in consistency than chicken eggs.
  5. Ostrich eggs. Ostrich eggs aren’t something that the average person ill ever consume in their lifetime. The giant size of ostrich eggs make them intimidating to most chefs, but in terms of flavor they taste similar to chicken eggs. A single ostrich egg is equivalent in volume to 20 to 24 chicken eggs. The large size of the egg makes them mostly used for omelets and scrambled eggs. The main appeal of ostrich eggs are their uniqueness.
  6. Fish eggs. Fish eggs, also known as caviar are considered a delicacy. The flavor and color of caviar depends on the type of fish it came from. Caviar is an expensive dish that requires the harvesting of the parent animal in order to access the eggs, making caviar harder to acquire and more expensive than bird eggs.The huge variation of eggs on the market will give you plenty of things to try. Challenge yourself to try a new food and explore the world of eggs. Eggs don’t have to be the boring breakfast staple you’ve always believed them to be – roll up your sleeves and hunt out some exotic and delicious eggs to try.