How to prepare ostrich eggs

Ostrich eggs are huge. In fact, an ostrich egg is so big that it can contain up to two dozen average chicken eggs. That’s 24 eggs! Talk about huge. Moreover, ostrich eggs are thick. They are so thick that many artists use ostrich eggs to carve art. There are many ostrich egg sculptures in the home decoration market. Considering its thickness and volume, preparing ostrich eggs requires different steps from preparing chicken eggs.

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Step 1: Pad the ostrich egg correctly
Take a paper towel and fold it several times until it is thick enough to pad the ostrich egg. Make sure the folded towel is big and wide enough to accommodate any slight roll of the egg.
Step 2: Score the egg
Stand the egg on the folded paper towel. Using a butter knife, score the egg on its top. Keep scratching until you create a moderate notch. The notches must be deep enough to hold the butter knife in place.

Step 3: Crack the egg
Place your butter knife on the notch you created. Using a rubber hammer or a mallet you use to tenderize meat, hit the butter knife once or twice. Go to another notch and do the same. Keep doing this until a round one-inch piece falls off the ostrich egg.

Step 4: Whisk the yolk
While the egg’s contents are still in the shell, whisk the yolk inside. Do this so the fluids can come out of the egg casing easily. Don’t expect the yolk to pass through the small opening you made. It is not going to happen. You have to whish hard so the egg’s contents are loose enough to flow out. If you want to preserve the yolk and don’t plan on using the egg shell, you can just crack the egg through the middle so all its contents can flop out easily.

Step 5: Transfer the shell’s contents
Place a funnel over the container you want to store the egg contents in. Turn the egg over and shake gently as the shell’s contents ooze out.

Step 6: Cooking
Prepare the ostrich egg like you would a regular chicken egg. Keep in mind that many people say that ostrich eggs taste a bit more buttery than chicken eggs. Also, the eggs have a more viscuous texture to them. Some people might take a bit longer getting used to these differences.

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