5 Alternate Ideas to Use Eggs

Eggs have been used for breakfast staple for generations. Most restaurants that serve breakfast have created their menus around the white orbs of protein and flavor. There are countless recipes online that make use of eggs, but most people still prefer to stick with the tried and true breakfast favorites of fried and hard boiled […]

How to Incubate and Hatch Chicken Eggs

Whether you’re young or old, incubating and hatching chicken eggs is a process that fascinates people of all ages. Watching a baby chick emerge from an egg is one of the most wondrous things you can experience. Luckily, with modern technology it’s easier than ever to incubate and hatch chicken eggs.

How much Protein does an Egg Contain?

Most people know that eggs are considered good for you, but not many people can say exactly why. The fact is that eggs are a great source of protein and depending on how they are prepared, they can also be low in calories. There are countless ways you can prepare and enjoy your eggs as […]

Are Eggs Dairy or Meat?

Everyone knows that chickens come from eggs. Chickens are meat, but what are eggs? Eggs are considered by most people to be a dairy product. However, they are not dairy in the traditional sense. A true dairy product is made by the mammary glads of a mammal.

How Many Calories are in an Egg?

A lot of people that are on diets wonder if they can still enjoy their favorite breakfast foods. Eggs are one of the most widely consumed foods in the morning, yet most people have no idea how many calories there are in the protein-packed wonders.

How To Cook Eggs

Cooking an egg the right way takes more skill as most people think it does. Just like cooking other foods the way it tastes how it should taste it takes some preparation and focus. Look below for a detailed guide on how to cook eggs the right way.

Best way How To Hard Boil Eggs perfectly

So you want to know how to hard boil eggs and how long to boil eggs? Look at the next paragraph below for fast information. This page will explain in detail how to boil eggs the way they should be boiled.

How To Make Scrambled Eggs

Eggs come in many shapes and sizes. The shelves of most supermarkets have at least the following four types: organic, free range, barn and cage. The differences are primarily due to the type of chicken farming where the eggs came from.

How To Make Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are very easy to prepare. Take some hard boiled eggs, peel them, cut them in half and remove the yolks. Then, take a little butter or mayonnaise and mix it with the yolks, and fill the egg halves with this mixture.

How To Dye Easter Eggs with regular or natural paint

At Easter we eat eggs, lots of eggs. These eggs must first be decorated as only a decorated egg is an Easter egg. The eggs are brought by the Easter Bunny and he has done this for a long time. Eggs can be decorated with various dyes from the store