How to separate the egg white from an egg

Just like with many tasks in the cooking process, there is more than one way to separate an egg white from an egg. Here are just two of the most common ways to separate your egg whites. Why separate egg whites? Many recipes require foamed egg whites or yolks only. In fact, in some baking recipes, the best looking baked goodies require separated egg whites beaten meticulously into foamy baked perfection. Use either of the methods described below next time your recipe calls for egg white separation.

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Manual method
When separating egg whites by hand, there are usually two ways you can go. You can use only your hands or you can use a spoon. The most basic method of separating egg whites, also described in our how to hard boil eggs guide, manually is to crack the egg over a saucer or small dish or plate. The saucer, dish, or plate will catch egg white after the separating process. After you crack the egg, separate the shell gently. The egg white will ooze out. Keep the shell together just close enough to let the egg white out while keeping the yolk within the egg shell. You may have to repeatedly transfer the yolk from one egg shell to the other until all the egg white has drained from the cracked shells. All that should remain in the shell is the egg yolk. All the egg white would have flowed to the saucer, plate, or dish below. Keep repeating this process for all your other eggs.
Alternative way
The alternative way of separating eggs manually is to use a slotted large metal spoon.You position the slotted spoon over a saucer, plate, or dish. Next, you crack the egg right over the slotted spoon. Instead of transferring the egg yolk between shells as the egg white drips out, you drop all of the contents of the egg on to the slotted spoon. If the spoon’s slots are big enough, the egg white should separate easily. If there are any egg whites left clinging to the yolk, use a fork to gently push the egg white apart from the yolk. Take care not to break the yolk.

Egg white separator
If the manual approaches above are simply too labor intensive for you or you are looking for a more efficient way to separate egg whites from an egg, you might want to try a specially designed egg white separator tool. There are many different designs for egg white separation. What they all have in common is a built in filtering system that holds the egg yolk while the egg white is separated. Most egg white separator tools don’t require any rocking or manipulation of the egg yolk.