How to poach an egg – multiple ways

Poaching an egg might seem like a straightforward cooking project but since there’s lots of ways to poach an egg, it is easy to get confused and settle for a method that produces lackluster results. If you are trying out how to poach an egg, focus on one key question: are you more comfortable using a pan or an egg poacher? We covered both methods below.

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How to poach an egg with a pan
Your first step is to pick out the right pan. Your pan must be able to hold enough water to poach your eggs right. At the very least, your pan should be able to hold around a liter and a half of water and must be at least four inches deep.
Add water to cover three-quarters of your pan. Some cooks prefer milk instead of water for poaching eggs since milk poaching makes for a richer taste. Bring the liquid to a gentle boil or when you want to have hard boiled eggs visit our guide.

If you want a bright white poached egg, a couple of teaspoons of white vinegar will truly make your poached egg visually appealing. The white vinegar coagulates egg white so it looks more vibrant. Many poached egg fans prefer white vinegar to lemon juice because the taste of white vinegar is less distinct than the taste of lemon. If you don’t mind a lemony twist to your poached egg’s flavor, go with lemon juice.

After adding the two teaspoons of white vinegar or lemon juice to the water in your flat pan, crack open an egg and drop into ladel or big spoon. Don’t break the yolk. Reduce the temperature of the boiling water until the water is only simmering. Create a whirlpool by stirring the water in a circular motion. Dip the spoon with the egg into the water. Let the egg solidify in the middle of the whirlpool. The reduced heat ensures that your egg doesn’t solidify quickly into a tough globe. The lowered water heat ensures a soft poached egg. Swirling the water ensures an even poaching surface.

Poach only one egg at a time to ensure that each poached egg comes out in decent shape. If you try to poach more than one at a time, your eggs might merge and it can all get messy really quickly. If the egg is uneven, use a basting motion for a few seconds to even out the egg.

How to poach an egg using an egg poacher
Follow the same steps above but use an egg poacher instead of a large spoon. Hold the poacher in the middle of the whirlpool to ensure even poaching.