How to microwave eggs perfectly

The modern microwave oven truly is one of those indispensable appliances every kitchen needs. Regardless of your particular tastes and food preparation habits, almost anyone can benefit from the microwave oven’s quick and powerful heating capabilities. While you might not use it to prepare extra fancy meals, the microwave can definitely help in thawing and warming up frozen or cold ingredients. When it comes to preparing eggs, you can’t go wrong with microwave cooking (unless you want to perfectly tweak your hard boiled eggs)for ease and speed. Thanks to microwaves, you can enjoy a nice egg meal in no time flat. Follow the easy directions below so you can be on your way to a nice meal of microwaved eggs.

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Use a microwave safe bowl with the right shape
You need a bowl with just the right shape to microwave an egg. Pick a microwave-safe bowl that has a flat and wide bottom.
Spray oil on the bowl’s inside
Using a non-stick oil spray, spray the bowl’s insides. Alternatively, you can dip a paper towel in olive or vegetable oil and wipe the bowl’s insides area. If you would like a buttery flavor to your egg, melt some butter on your bowl.

Crack the egg on to the bowl
Break the egg directly over the bowl. You leave the egg the way it is or you can whisk using a fork. If you don’t whisk the egg, make sure to prick the yolk to make sure you’ve broken its membrane. If you leave the yolk whole, it might explode due to heat and steam pressure during the cooking process.

Optional: add water
If you want a lighter-tasting egg, you may want to add water to your egg. Conversely, if you want a rich-tasting egg, try adding milk. This is completely optional.

Use a paper towel to cover the bowl
Place a paper towel at the top of the bowl to prevent any splattering.

Place and cook in the microwave
Cook the egg for 45 seconds at your bowl’s highest settings. After the 45 seconds is up, check the egg. If it is still raw and runny, cook it further for 10 to 15 seconds.

Remove the egg
Knock the egg loose by running a knife around the egg’s edges. Slide the egg off the bowl. Garnish and serve. Enjoy!