How to make a egg salad

Whether you are looking to go on a picnic or looking to pack yourself a quick and easy sandwich that has all the flavors of home, you can’t go wrong with a simple egg salad. While the basic ingredients of a typical egg salad are fairly standard, one egg salad recipe truly differentiates itself from other egg salad recipes in terms of garnishes. It’s the extra stuff you add to the top of your completed egg salad that sets it apart from everyone else’s recipe. For this post, we’ll focus on the main ingredients of egg salad but we’ll throw out some common garnish ideas you can use to make your egg salad stand out.

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The basics
The core components of an egg salad are: hard boiled eggs, onions, mayonnaise, salt, and black pepper. After boiling the eggs, dice them up in big chewable chunks. If you prefer a smoother or creamier egg salad, you can mince the eggs into smaller pieces. The yolk will become creamy after mixed with the mayonnaise. Remember this when figuring out how hard your eggs should be. Keep in mind that you can also add a little excitement to your egg salad by using softer-boiled eggs instead of the typical hard-boiled egg. It all depends on your preferences. Some people don’t like softer-boiled eggs since they feel that the egg salad feels droopy or soft. Some egg salad fans prefer really hard-boiled eggs since the extra toughness of the egg whites have more texture and harder yolks give the whole salad a bit more personality.
Once you have chopped up the eggs, do the same for the onions. Depending on your taste for onions, you can use one complete onion for every four eggs. Add the mayonnaise and salt and pepper to taste.

To relish or not to relish
One very common variation of the typical egg salad recipe is to add sweet pickle relish or diced pickles to the mix. It all depends on how much added sour or sweet and sour flavor you’d like. Adding pickle relish is completely optional.

Typical garnishes
Some very common garnishes you can add to your egg salad after it is completed are:

  • pickles
  • parsley
  • sesame seeds
  • chili powder
  • paprika

These typical garnishes are purely optional. They are added mostly for presentation purposes also they do add flavor to the overall mix.