How Many Calories are in an Egg?

A lot of people that are on diets wonder if they can still enjoy their favorite breakfast foods. Eggs are one of the most widely consumed foods in the morning, yet most people have no idea how many calories there are in the protein-packed wonders. If you’re on a diet, this type of information is vital to know so you can plan your days meals accordingly.

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The answer to this seemingly simple question is actually quite complex. The number of calories in an egg depends on the size of the egg and the preparation of it. Since most people don’t enjoy eating raw eggs, you also must factor in calories added during the cooking process from butter, oil, milk and other ingredients.
On average, a fried egg contains about 93 calories while a hard boiled egg (learn here how to hard boil eggs) comes in somewhere near 76 calories. The worst way to prepare your eggs is scrambled, because with the addition of milk you find yourself consuming an easy 100 calories with just a single egg.

Most of the calories in an egg come from the yolk. The yolk is the yellow center and besides being a calorie haven it’s also loaded with cholesterol. However, most people would agree that the yolk is the best tasting part of the egg and studies have shown that there are beneficial aspects of the yolk as well. The delicious yellow centers are considered a good source of vitamin A and vitamin B as well as iron and riboflavin.

On the other hand, the egg whites are low in calories, have no cholesterol and are full of protein. Protein helps you feel full and gives you long-lasting energy. Most nutritionists agree that it’s important to start your day with a burst of protein and egg whites make it easy and delicious to get the nutrients your body needs to start the day right.

If you’re dieting, adding eggs to your regular routine can help you lose weight. There are many healthy and delicious low-calorie meals that you can make out of egg whites to satisfy your hunger while reducing your daily calorie intake. An egg-white omelet with plenty of veggies will start your day off with a healthy dose of protein without the cholesterol and calories that you don’t need. The protein will keep you energized and full all morning long, while the veggies will add flavor and extra nutrients.

Losing weight doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of good food. Eggs, especially egg whites, are a great way to indulge in the great tastes you crave while reducing calories as part of a healthier lifestyle.