How to separate the egg white from an egg

Just like with many tasks in the cooking process, there is more than one way to separate an egg white from an egg. Here are just two of the most common ways to separate your egg whites. Why separate egg whites? Many recipes require foamed egg whites or yolks only. In fact, in some baking […]

How to poach an egg – multiple ways

Poaching an egg might seem like a straightforward cooking project but since there’s lots of ways to poach an egg, it is easy to get confused and settle for a method that produces lackluster results. If you are trying out how to poach an egg, focus on one key question: are you more comfortable using […]

The Best Substitutes for Eggs

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your egg intake, rest assured that there are plenty of egg substitutes on the market. Depending on the recipe, any one of the high-quality products that are now available can step in at a moments notice to provide you with the taste and texture you crave.

5 Alternate Ideas to Use Eggs

Eggs have been used for breakfast staple for generations. Most restaurants that serve breakfast have created their menus around the white orbs of protein and flavor. There are countless recipes online that make use of eggs, but most people still prefer to stick with the tried and true breakfast favorites of fried and hard boiled.

How to Incubate and Hatch Chicken Eggs

Whether you’re young or old, incubating and hatching chicken eggs is a process that fascinates people of all ages. Watching a baby chick emerge from an egg is one of the most wondrous things you can experience. Luckily, with modern technology it’s easier than ever to incubate and hatch chicken eggs.