5 Alternate Ideas to Use Eggs

Eggs have been used for breakfast staple for generations. Most restaurants that serve breakfast have created their menus around the white orbs of protein and flavor. There are countless recipes online that make use of eggs, but most people still prefer to stick with the tried and true breakfast favorites of fried and hard boiled eggs.

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Shake up your routine by putting your favorite breakfast foods to the test and try something new. Read on to discover 5 alternative ideas to use eggs.

  1. Use them to make soup. Eggs can be used as the center of a delicious soup, or they can be whisked into a subtle background flavor. For egg drop soup, simply create a broth of your choice, either chicken or vegetable and heat until it’s hot, but not boiling. It’s important that you do not boil the soup. Then add in a couple of well beaten eggs. Allow the eggs to cook for a few seconds in the broth before gently stirring the mixture with a whisk. Once the eggs are cooked add a couple of thinly sliced scallions for flavor and color. The result will be pieces of egg floating in a sumptuous broth. You can also use eggs as a background flavor in other soups by adding beaten eggs to the stock and then immediately whisking them in until they are well incorporated. Using this method, you shouldn’t have any pieces of egg remaining.
  2. eggs in soup

  3. Use them in salad dressing. To add a little bit of protein to your favorite salad, simply add some finely diced hard boiled eggs to your vinaigrette before pouring it over your salad. The eggs will not only add protein, they’ll also create an interesting texture and add a ton of flavor you won’t get from a bottled concoction.
  4. Use them in Shakshuka. Shakshuka is the name of an arabic dish that consists of eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce. Serve the Shakshuka over rice or pasta for a hearty and satisfying meal. You can customize the Shakshuka to your own tastes by adding more less heat as desired.
  5. Use them on a sandwich. Puerto Rican sandwich shops have been adding fried eggs to sandwiches for ages. Cook your eggs over medium (runny yolk, cooked white) and top a ham or turkey sandwich for a dangerously delicious combination. What can be better than warm bread, sliced ham, creamy cheese and a perfectly cooked egg?
  6. Use them in rice. Regular boring rice gets exciting with the simple addition of a scrambled egg. Mix your eggs how you normally like them, then quickly fry them in a pan. When they are done, add them to freshly cooked rice along with some scallions and a dash of salt and pepper. The end result is an easy and fresh take on an old dish.

Finding new ways to use an old favorite will help add variety to your usual eating routine. Eggs are a fun and versatile food that can be a great addition to any meal of the day. Try to find ways to sneak eggs into your diet for a boost of protein and flavor.