How to prepare duck eggs

If you love eggs or want to try something a little different, you might want to check out duck eggs. Many gourmets and experienced foodies love duck eggs because they are simply richer than standard chicken eggs. Compared to the typical chicken egg, duck eggs pack more protein and fat. This makes for a richer […]

How to prepare ostrich eggs

Ostrich eggs are huge. In fact, an ostrich egg is so big that it can contain up to two dozen average chicken eggs. That’s 24 eggs! Talk about huge. Moreover, ostrich eggs are thick. They are so thick that many artists use ostrich eggs to carve art. There are many ostrich egg sculptures in the […]

How to microwave eggs perfectly

The modern microwave oven truly is one of those indispensable appliances every kitchen needs. Regardless of your particular tastes and food preparation habits, almost anyone can benefit from the microwave oven’s quick and powerful heating capabilities. While you might not use it to prepare extra fancy meals, the microwave can definitely help in thawing and […]

How to separate the egg white from an egg

Just like with many tasks in the cooking process, there is more than one way to separate an egg white from an egg. Here are just two of the most common ways to separate your egg whites. Why separate egg whites? Many recipes require foamed egg whites or yolks only. In fact, in some baking […]

How to make baked hard boiled eggs

There are two ways to make hard-boiled eggs: boiling them in a pot or baking them. Most people are probably only familiar with the pot boiling system. This is a shame really. Boiling eggs using a pot can get messy. Really messy. And fussy. After all, you have to wait for the pot to boil, […]

How to make a egg salad

Whether you are looking to go on a picnic or looking to pack yourself a quick and easy sandwich that has all the flavors of home, you can’t go wrong with a simple egg salad. While the basic ingredients of a typical egg salad are fairly standard, one egg salad recipe truly differentiates itself from […]

How to poach an egg – multiple ways

Poaching an egg might seem like a straightforward cooking project but since there’s lots of ways to poach an egg, it is easy to get confused and settle for a method that produces lackluster results. If you are trying out how to poach an egg, focus on one key question: are you more comfortable using […]

Top 5 Most Consumed Animal Eggs

When you think of eggs, you probably think of chicken eggs. Well, it turns out that humans have a taste for more than just chicken eggs and quite a few people enjoy other types of eggs as well. Here are the top five most consumed animal eggs to give you a little culinary inspiration.

The Best Substitutes for Eggs

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your egg intake, rest assured that there are plenty of egg substitutes on the market. Depending on the recipe, any one of the high-quality products that are now available can step in at a moments notice to provide you with the taste and texture you crave.

Health Effects of Eating Raw Eggs

You’ve probably heard about bodybuilders who regularly consume protein shakes laced with raw eggs, but what you might not know is that regularly consuming raw eggs can be bad for your health. The fact of the matter is that eggs can contain a whole host of substances that should really be cooked before being consumed.